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Contact us only if you can prepare/type your original lesson notes in Microsoft Word format. We have a job for you!

How to become a teacher

Go through before contacting us

    To be a teacher with us, you must have a well prepared lesson notes in soft copy. The material in the lesson note must be your original production and not a copied work from the internet or another text book.

    You must also be a great presenter that can capture the mind and attention of your virtual audience. Contact us only if you meet the above requirement.
    You must be a graduate from a well recognized high institution of learning.

    Having a physical classroom teaching experience is a great advantage.
    Use the form at the left hand side to reach us. Simply tell us about yourself. You must have a soft copy of your lesson note ready for scripting.
    This course/lesson may be free but the quality is SUPERIOR to the paid ones. Do not underestimate it. We are more interested in promoting FREE learning. Tell your friends about

    Do your Assignment!: Find questions at the end of each lesson, submit your answer to us and our tutors will personally get back to you.

    Use this link to submit your assignment or ask a question

    For advert placement/partnership, write [email protected]